Near Infrared Lamp Saunas

Why the Health Balancing portable sauna is your best choice:

– Our portable saunas generate red light, near infrared light, and mid infrared light therapy. Visible light in the red, orange and yellow color ranges has photobiomodulation benefits of stimulating the organs of elimination and the adrenal glands.

– Near-infrared light causes mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouses, to produce more ATP, a compound that provides the cell’s energy. This helps stimulate collagen production, rebuild joints and cartilage, heal wounds, relieve pain and inflammation, as well as enhance muscle recovery. This benefit is not provided by far infrared radiation.

– Our portable lamp saunas also enable focused spot therapy on problem areas.

You can rest assured that we have taken proper precautions to guarantee the safety of this sauna system. The sauna products do not outgas any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Health Balancing portable saunas are available for purchase worldwide and fitted for use in various outlet types in many countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom and the United States.  It is simple to assemble and get right into using.  Take the first step to improved wellness with this powerful detoxification sauna system.

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